City of the Dead

City of the Dead is an 8-part gothic drama series, based on Andrew Miller’s award-winning novel PURE, co-produced with Moonriver Content.

A young engineer, Baratte, is given the grisly job of emptying out an ancient graveyard in Paris in the days leading up to the French Revolution. Rebel Heloise hates him for being a King’s man.  Downtrodden locals believe the cemetery is haunted and that the spirits of the dead cry out for revenge. There is also a legend of a beast that lives in the graveyard, feeding on human blood. His workers, freed slaves from the colonies, believe they are stirring up dark spirits. Baratte defies all this as superstitious nonsense, but cannot explain the increasingly strange and violent attacks taking place around him. As his task descends into horror he is forced to face the darkness in the world around him, and in himself.